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What is osCommerce

Powered by osCommerce

osCommerce  is  an  open  source  Ecommerce platform produced by Holbi Group in the UK and designed for global market.

Based  on  the  latest  versions  of  PHP  and mySQL, it is one of the fastest  shopping  cart  solutions  on  the market. However it is also compatible   with  some  previous versions of PHP and mySQL to make it widely available.

osCommerce  can  be  used  by  SMEs and global corporations, as it has features and simplicity to satisfy all users.

It  comes  full  of built in features, and a number of additional plugins.

USPs include:

- multiple front ends

- themes

- visual theme designer

- responsive design

- full site control via the CMS

- SEO friendly

- support for configurable products

- advanced product management and pricing

Additional plugins are available:

- Amazon and eBay integration

- accounting software integration (Sage, QuickBooks, Exact, MYOB)

- visual product designer